Seniors reflect on best high school moments offer advice to underclassmen

By Reina Werth, News Editor

A lot can happen in four years. And for the class of 2018 at Indian Trail High School & Academy, that is certainly true.

“Fantabulous,” said Miguel Palomo, a General Studies senior, to sum up his high school experience.

Some seniors have some sage advice to share with their freshman-year selves.

“Don’t stress so much about getting perfect grades, and hang out more with friends,” says Emily Palmer, a Medical Sciences Academy senior.

Others see Indian Trail as a place of personal change.

“I can sum up my time at Indian Trail in one word: growth,” said Rahib Iqbal, a Medical Sciences Academy senior, and class president. “Looking back to freshman year, I’ve changed quite a bit, and for the better.”

For some, Indian Trail represents a mix of emotions.

“I associate Indian Trail with a little bit of pride mixed in with a lot of anxiety,” said General Studies senior Kailee DeVilbiss.

The seniors also showed appreciation for some of their favorite teachers including Michelle Corbett, Brian Vanderhoef, Michael Vidas, Daryl Strait, Ken Weile, and Katie Phillips.

Of the many activities Indian Trail offers, seniors had a range of favorites.

“I loved playing on the football team this last year,” said General Studies senior Jesse Jackson. “Some of the home games, and some of the track meets as well.”

Some seniors had other favorites.

“Being a part of the track team and participating in Santa’s Workshop for Student Council have been some highlights of my high school experience,” said Iqbal. “The way the kids light up when they participate in the activities we have set up for them is beautiful.”

From blackouts, dances and football games, to winning the homecoming spirit week by a single point, seniors have had an eventful four years and leave Indian Trail filled with memories, having learned many important life lessons.

“I believe everything happens for a reason, so even when something went wrong, I always learned a lesson from it,” said Palmer.

They also have some advice for the incoming freshmen.

“Come to school every day focused,” said Iqbal. “Focused on your future. Focused on building a foundation for college. Focused on building long-lasting friendships. Come focused.”