Binge-worthy shows for Netflix watchers

By Matt Swihart, Opinion Editor

Summer’s coming up real quick, and if you’re like me, that means one thing: More time for binge-watching Netflix series. I feel like everyone thinks they’ve run out of stuff to watch on Netflix and just rewatches The Office again, (No? Just me?) but I’m here to show you some cool stuff that you may not have even thought to watch.

For some reason I like watching food shows. Maybe it’s just the glutton in me, but Ugly Delicious, a Netflix original documentary series, is one of my favorite shows on the platform right now. It showcases chef David Chang and food writer Peter Meehan as they travel around the world tasting many different variations on familiar foods. I know. It sounds boring, but it’s actually kinda really funny and insightful and gosh dang if it doesn’t make me hungry.

Mystery Science Theater 3000 is a classic of late night TV shows. This show is downright hilarious from beginning to end of every episode. Each episode revolves around Inventor Joel, Mike, or Jonah, and their robot companions, Tom Servo and Crow, as they are forced to sit through really cheesy old monster movies. You get to watch the entirety of the bad movie in each episode, while also getting the hilarious remarks from the crew the entire time. There’s two series on Netflix right now, the original and the Netflix reboot, and both are absolutely amazing.

Arrested Development is a show I feel like I reference a lot in conversations but not many people have actually watched it, which astonishes me. Arrested Development, which had three TV seasons and a fourth Netflix season, is probably one of the wittiest, smartest written shows ever produced. The central plot of the show focuses on a dysfunctional affluent family as they deal with a family bankruptcy that brings them together yet tears them further apart at the same time. It’s really a wild ride, but a hilarious one at the same time.

Last, but not least, I have to recommend Master of None. Master of None is Aziz Ansari’s Netflix project following the completion of Parks and Recreation. Master of None is more than just a simple comedy show. It has a lot of heart behind it, it has a message that is very clear. Every episode plays out as a video essay on the complex modern world, mostly revolving around the modern dating landscape. It’s done masterfully and definitely deserves the watch.

Alright, now I hope a few of you take these shows into consideration for binging because I can guarantee that you’ll be satisfied or your money back. Have a great summer and happy binging!