Seniors reflect on where they see themselves decade from now

By Andie Bernhardt, staff writer

It’s that time of the school year when everything is coming to an end. As students turn in their last few assignments and seniors go through their last round of finals, seniors begin to wonder what lies ahead.

About 58 percent of Generation Zs are worried about the future, so I went around and asked the class of 2017 (Generation Z) where they see themselves in 10 years:

“Hopefully I’m done with grad school and I’m a head writer at SNL or an AerieREAL model,” said General Studies Senior Sage Holloway.

“I see myself playing in the NFL or finishing up my training for the police academy,” says General Studies Senior Daviyon Nixon.

According to, 60 percent of Generation Z want their job to make a difference in the world.

“I see myself as the founder of a new renewable energy source as an alternative to fossil fuels,” said General Studies Senior Leah Ness.

“I want a be a geriatric oncologist and married with two kids in California,” said Med-Sci Senior Nyla Shah.

About 77 percent believe they will need to work harder than past generations.

“I hope to work for NASA” said General Studies Senior Tyler Nance.

“Hopefully graduating with my master’s degree and having a stable job in forensic or music,” said General Studies Senior Abby Goodhall.