Students thank teachers for role in their lives

By Meagan Ginnaty-Moore, editorial editor

In psychology, there is a debate between whether a person is who they are because of nature or because of nurture. Psychologists have come to the consensus that it’s a balance of both, however when discussing nurture, it’s easy to only think of immediate family members – mom, dad, siblings, if you have them. But family members are not the only people we spend a significant amount of time with.Teachers are most definitely a part of the nurture side of the debate as well, and to them I say thank you.

For the past 13 years, every student in this school has gone to class day in and day out with teachers who taught us many things we will have with us for the rest of our lives. These lessons undoubtedly will be taken from the district’s curriculum, but many are also from the moments that were not a formal lesson. Many lessons came from tangents the class went on while diverging from the lecture or the one-on-one moments we all most likely have had with one or more teachers.

As students, it’s easy to forget these moments because life gets busy. Family matters get in the way. The details required to plan a future can take over a person’s life. That one test that you are so convinced will destroy your grade overcomes your mind and you don’t think of the words or actions all the influential people in your life have said or done. Those one-on-one moments go to the back of your mind and eventually you forget.

However these moments have taught us many things that are as unique to us as our fingerprints. Every teacher we have ever had has influenced us whether we liked them or not, whether we knew they influenced us or not. They didn’t actively try to do this but they did. We all have those teachers who went out of their way to cheer us on in times of triumph and help us get back on our feet in times of disappointment, and those teachers educated us in things that have shaped us into the people we are today. And in addition to those great teachers who influenced us, all of us have had a teacher or two we didn’t like. They had an effect on us as well. So, what I want to say to all teachers is thank you.

You all have had a big role to play in the people who will graduate on June 3. On behalf of the class of 2017, thank you. Whether you liked us or not, remember us or not, you helped shape us. Seven hours a day for nine months, that is the time you had with us.

When thinking of the past 13 years, I can remember so many teachers who taught me lessons that were definitely not in a formal classroom setting. I remember the teacher who uncovered my love of reading, the teacher who taught me authority isn’t always fair, the teacher who revealed small examples of sexism, the teacher who revealed the magic of science, the teacher who made me a news junkie, the teacher who ruined writing and the teacher who reminded me why I love it. I remember every single one of them and to every one I say thank you. The person who is writing this article would not be doing so without those moments. Those moments of teaching that were never meant to be taught shaped and educated me more than most formal lessons. I’m fortunate to have become a better person having known these people. They gave me the most important thing I have – my identity. I can’t thank my teachers enough.

I also cannot thank them enough for helping shape the people I’m fortunate enough to call my friends. Our entire friend group might look different without those teachers educating our friends in and out of the classroom. So, to all of my friends’ teachers, thank you. You have given me and many others wonderful friends who love and support us and share so many memories with.

Teachers have influenced our parents, siblings, friends, and even our teachers themselves. So, class of 2017, thank your teacher, all of your teachers, the good, the bad, and the ones you may not remember. Without them, you may not be the people you are today.