Good bye, good luck wishes from IT junior

By Katrina Jansen-Buciuni, photo editor

Dear Seniors,

As a middle schooler, I imagined seniors as vicious people who slammed you against lockers and shoved your face in toilets, or even threw you in trash cans for your lunch money. Ha. Movies overexaggerate pretty much everything if you haven’t noticed.

Seniors are your peers, even if you might not like it. The leaders of the school. The ones who lead the student section for sporting events, and the ones who always get the front at school dances.

Being underclassmen, we look up to you seniors. Maybe not physically but mentally. As juniors we become close with you seniors. Some of my greatest friends are seniors and when the day comes when you finally leave, it will be heartbreaking. Probably not for you, you’re going to be so happy to finally get out of here. But just remember, you always have a place back here.

You’ve walked through these halls having your routine memorized, turned in all your assignments, and finished the last of your finals. In a few short days, you’ll be with your fellow classmates for the last time. When you received your cap and gown, did it finally hit you? Or are you still in denial that this is coming to an end? Stop and reflect on everything you’ve accomplished leading up to this moment.

When you finally walk across the stage, appreciate the memories, the halls you’ve become so used to, and the conversations that were held during it. Thank your teachers because they tolerated you this whole time, even though they probably enjoyed it. Thank your friends, the ones who were always there for you.

Soon you’ll be walking across a stage and getting your diploma. But before grabbing that piece of paper that says you’ve finally completed 12 years of education, and throwing your cap in the air, look around and remember that moment, because I’m sure it will be something indescribable. Then your new life will begin.

Us juniors will officially be seniors. That’s terrifying. Then you’ll be gone. Our leaders won’t be in charge anymore, we will. Us juniors. Me? A senior? Ha. You’re kidding right? But we’ll get through it, just like you guys did. Thank you for everything Class of 2017. Now go make everyone proud.

Sincerely, a junior