Girls softball batters up achievable goals

By Helena Schultz, staff writer

The Indian Trail softball team is off to a great start this year. They recently had a big win against Bradford High School and look forward to playing them again to keep the winning streak against them going.

“The team works really well together and they are all pretty close and all support each other during practices and games,” said Adrianna Lander, an Indian Trail senior on the team this year.

With a 10-5 record at press time, wins over Bradford and Tremper high schools, and being third in the Southeastern Conference, the team is looking forward to the rest of the season.

“Some goals the team are trying to achieve this year are we are trying to be competitive this year and compete for the conference championship,” said Matthew Bradley, dean of students and  head IT softball coach.

The team has very realistic and achievable goals this season with a senior heavy team.

“They have a lot of good chemistry on the diamond with the defense,” said Bradley.

They are a very close group of girls, and they “know how to fight back against a team if we’re not doing well,” said Lander, which is another big asset for the team.