Top 10 childhood trends to never be forgotten by the Class of 2017

By Montana Bunner, staff writer

      1.Silly Bands:

Colorful, shaped bands people wore.

      2. Aeropostal:

If you didn’t own any clothes from this brand you weren’t “cool.”

      3. I heart Boobies Bracelets:

These bracelets were a big hit in middle school.

      4. Heelys:

These shoes were all the hype, they contained wheels so you could “skate” around or you could take the wheels out and just walk.

      5. Bobby Jack Clothes:

If you don’t remember this adorable monkey, think back early 2000s. It was a big hit with the snarky comments on the shirts like, “definitely not listening.”

      6. Uggs:

Uggs were and still are a major trend for girls. These are especially paired with leggings and North Face jackets.

      7.  Sequence Bags:

The weird staple to the typical early 2000s outfit. Every girl wanted one, if you had one you were “mature.”

      8. Side Bangs:

Side Bangs were a trend from 2007-2012. Everyone had awkward sidebangs during one point of their life.

      9. Scene Hair:

Everyone has gone through some sort of scene phase in their life one way or another from early 2000s to 2017. If you listened to “screamo,” had dyed hair, and wore band shirts, you were considered scene or emo.

    10. Yoga Pants/Leggings:

This big trend took off in middle school years for the girls. These clothes are still fashionable because they are comfortable and can be worn with anything.