Art / Visual Communication Department


KUSD Richeson Art Workshop Kenosha Public Museum 2015

Anna Matson
Angela Freeman
Eva Fastabend
Carly Ladwig
Maylynn Thompkins


2015 Congressional Art Competition


KUSD District Wide Student Art Exhibition 2015



Dear Parent/Guardian,

Please review your students syllabus, expectations form and the honors form if your student is taking honors. After reviewing each of the forms please email me the following:

  • Student name:
  • Class period: 1st - 7th
  • Your preferred contact phone number

Thank you,

Mr. Schroeder

Intro HS Art ITHSA Regular and Honors Form 2013-2014

Art ITHSA Expectations 2013-2014

Art ITHSA Syllabus Sign Form

Art Photography ITHSA Syllabus Sign Form

Photo ITHSA Regular and Honors Form

D P P ITHSA Regular and Honor Form 2013-2014

AP 2D Design 2013 Sign Form

AP 3D Design 2013 Sign Form

AP Drawing 2013 Sign Form

Honors Handout and Guideline 2013-2014



Visual Communication

The Visual Communication Department is not a traditional art department. We teach visual communication utilizing both traditional studio skills and cutting-edge creative technology. Our students learn to use the elements of design and the principles of composition to generate images that effectively combine illustration and text for personal and commercial expression with maximum clarity and impact.


Sandra Bleser
Sarah Gapinski
Autumn Mitlo
Jane Rider

Michael Schroeder

Katie Sciarra