You may purchase sponsorships now through January 19, 2018. Sponsorships may be purchased  by mailing the contract and payment to the address on the contract found at the bottom of this page.

Sponsorships allow The Blaze staff to keep the cost to purchase the yearbook lower for our students. They also enable us to purchase and maintain our equipment. Your donation is tax deductible and allows our staff to maintain an award winning program for our young student journalists.

The prices are as follows:

Bronze Level :  $25.00 – $49.00

Silver Level:       $50.00 – $99.00

Gold Level:         $100.00 – $199.00

Platinum Level: $200.00 and above

The Blaze staff reserves the right to refuse publishing for sponsorships that do not meet he standards of ethical journalism. See contract for specific requirements.

Please email mcorbett@teachers.kusd.edu with any questions.

Sponsorship Letter 2018