Incoming 9th Graders celebrate at the Indian Trail Family Tailgate.

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2015-2016 Indian Trail
First Day of School Schedule
September 1, 2015



7:30-8:15                  Freshman assemble in gym. 

8:20-10:15                Activities with Link Crew Leaders.


9:45-10:20                10-12th grades pick-up schedule in gym and sit in bleachers until dismissed

                                                **Students must remain in GYM until dismissal at 10:20AM**

Period 4A      10:30-10:50  CLASS

Period 4B      10:50-11:20  LUNCH

Period 5A      11:25-11:50  CLASS

Period 4AB    10:30-11:20  CLASS

Period 5A      11:20-11:50  LUNCH

Period 5BC   11:55-12:50  CLASS

Period 5A      11:25-11:50  CLASS

Period 5B      11:50-12:20  LUNCH

Period 5C      12:25-12:50  CLASS

Period 5AB    11:25-12:20  CLASS

Period 5C      12:20-12:50  LUNCH

Period 1         12:55-1:15

Period 2         1:20-1:40

Period 3         1:45-2:05

Period 6         2:10-2:30

Period 7         2:35-3:00       **Announcements will begin at 2:55pm**


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Earn HAWK TALONS, Win Great Prizes! Here's How!

STUDENTS: Did you know that you can earn rewards for positive behavior?

Students who go above and beyond in demonstrating the Hawk Habits during the school day may receive Hawk Talon cards from teachers or other staff members.

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